Martel Academy Courses

Occlusion 4-day Continuum - DATE: TBD ($2,995)

Occlusion for the General Practice - Session I

  • Why Study Occlusion?
  • Elements of Occlusion
  • Occlusal Philosophies
  • Steps to a Stable Occlusion
  • Why Centric Relation
  • Anatomy of the TMJ
  • Muscles of mastication
  • The TMJ Exam

All Afternoon sessions will be hands on with students working on each other.

Occlusion for the General Practice - Session II

  • Piper Classification
  • Doppler Auscultation
  • ethods of Recording Centric Relation: Bimanual Manipulation, Leaf Gauge, Anterior Deprogammers

Afternoon Hands On

Occlusion for the General Practice - Session III

  • Articulators
  • Facebow Transfers
  • Mounting Models in Centirc Relation
  • Model (Trial) Equilibrations
  • Intraoral Equilibrations

Afternoon Hands On

Occlusion for the General Practice - Session IV

  • Advanced Treatment Planning
  • Restoring the Worn Dentition
  • Case Studies
  • Round Table Q & A

Afternoon Hands on

Occlusion The Secret to Implant-Supported
Prosthesis Success - Date: TBD

Every day more and more patients are accepting dental implant treatment.  Although this is a tremendous service to the population at large, it may also lead to some unexpected challenges. Occlusion is the number one cause of post restorative implant failure.  As a greater number of dentists are restoring implants, so too is their a vast variation in their knowledge of occlusion.  This course is designed to increase the practitioner’s knowledge of building proper occlusal schemes for greater long term success of the dental implant and the final restoration.

What you will learn:

  • Goals of Occlusion in Implant Dentistry
  • Complications of Excessive Load
  • Parafunction
  • The Opposing Dentition
  • Load Sharing
  • To Splint or Not?
  • Cantilevers?
  • Occlusal Schemes for Specific Restoations

The Art and Science Behind Esthetic
Implant Restorations - Date: TBD ($695)

Implant dentistry is a part of every dental practice in America today.  Although, it has become somewhat of a routine procedure, there are numerous challenges when restoring implants in the esthetic zone. The greatest challenge is creating a restoration that is functionally sound and esthetically pleasing to both the dentist and the patient.  With patient’s expectations increasing, the goal of the implant team should be to mimic nature as much as possible.  This requires both art and science. The goal of this 2-part course is to aid the practitioner in achieving predictable and beautiful anterior implant restorations.

What you will learn:

  • Preservation of Bone to Enhance Aesthetics
  • Biotypes: Thick or Thin
  • Implant Position (3A/2B Rule)
  • Implant Mapping in the Anterior
  • Site Development
  • Submerged Root Technique
  • Tissue Shaping with Provisionalization
  • Lab Communication of Tissue Position
  • Occlusal Scheme for Anterior Implants

Restoring the Full Arch, Edentulous or
Hopeless Dentition - Date: TBD ($695)

As the population in the US ages and people are living longer, we are seeing a greater number of patients with failing dentitions. Whether already edentulous or dentate patients with failing teeth, many are looking for full arch restorations involving implants. This creates the challenge to the implant team of deciding what type of restoration is needed for a successful outcome. Knowing what the final restoration will be before the implants are placed is paramount. In this course we will discuss the variety of full arch restorations and the criteria required to achieve long-term success.

What you will learn:

  • Communication with the patient in decision-making
  • Global Fees for full arch restorations
  • Criteria for each type of full arch restoration
  • Immediate loading
  • Step by Step for the Immediate Load Restoration
  • Step by Step for completing the final restoration
  • Preview of afternoon Hands On Bench top Program (Each attendee will complete a full arch implant immediate load case on models in the second half of this program.)

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