Dr. Simon Bernstein

"I have had the immense privilege of having Dr. Martel teach my referral base over the past few years. During that time he has helped us develop a united vision of what we want to achieve for and with our patients. The time we have spent together has been more valuable to the success of my practice than any other educational program. We all look to Dr. Martel now as a mentor and friend, to help us continue the betterment of our careers." 

Dr. James Hanratty

"Dr. Martel has a unique combination of clinical acumen and academic prowess. This allows him to get his message across while making all participants very excited and comfortable. Most dentist can treatment plan a small segment but have difficulty in treatment planning an arch or whole mouth. Dr. Martel’s course will give them the confidence to plan and execute much bigger and complicated treatment plans. As a group we have learned that each dentist has 5-10 cases that they have no idea what to do with. In an average course this represents 125-150 implants. What specialist is going to turn that down? Dr. Martel’s course is very unique and something that is much needed in today's dental world. This is especially true with younger dentists." 


"Our large periodontal group practice is always seeking to provide our referrals with high quality education, and ever since we’ve had Dr. Martel lead our sessions, the difference it’s made has been remarkable! He has a distinct ability to accelerate our group’s understanding of what modern-day implant dentistry can accomplish, and has impacted their individual practices immediately--as well as ours--through comprehensive treatment planning strategies, among other practice-building techniques. Dr. Martel’s follow-up communication is also always prompt and thorough—it’s plain to see that he loves to help practices grow, while they enjoy more of what they do day-to-day. We wholeheartedly recommend his courses—he’s truly changed our businesses present, and future. Many thanks." 

Patrick Simpson 
Straumann Territory Manager

"Dr. Victor Martel is one of the most unique speakers and educators that I have had the pleasure of meeting in my 13 years in the medical and dental field. He has a great ability to educate, challenge and empower dentists to change their ways of thinking for the benefit of themselves and their patients. His lectures and hands on training are engaging to attendees and he does a wonderful job of relating to his audience while teaching them new skills. I would highly recommend Dr. Martel as an educator on many different topics within dentistry."

Dr. Kenneth

"I have had the pleasure of learning from Dr. Martel. He is a wonderful teacher with keen insights into the ever complex treatments that dentistry is today. I am particularly impressed with his clinical skills and patient treatment. I recommend Dr. Martel to anyone seeking significant education and methods to improve one's practice"

Michael Miller, DMD

"He is one of the most knowledgeable and gifted clinicians I've ever come in contact with. In addition to this, he is an extremely kind and compassionate individual. Michael." 

"Dr. Martel is a pleasure to work with. His knowledge of Restorative Dentistry is very strong. He embraces technology and is not afraid to learn and teach the same time. I recommend working with Dr. Martel any chance you get as I have learned from his experience and knowledge of Dentistry today. Dr. Martel also has a clear vision and is a leader in directing Dentistry of the future. Mark Palmer"

Mark Palmer
360 imaging


"I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Martel speak at education events in my territory and have always been impressed with the results. He is on the short list of speakers that delivers not only a quality presentation, but motivates those in attendance to ACTION!"

"I would highly recomend Dr Victor Martel. His knowledge of treatment planning dental implant cases is unmatched. I have also seen his ability to teach other dentist how to improve their treatment planning for their patients. Victor is a great clinician, teacher, and presenter."



"Dr. Martel is an excellent dentist who travels all over the United States to give lectures to other colleagues about his techniques and beautiful long-term esthetic results. His area of expertise is in esthetic implant dentistry." 

"Dr. Martel is an excellent dentist and educator. He is at the top of our profession in all aspects of patient care and he has a contagious enthusiasm for teaching other dentists around the country." 


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Surgical Arts

"Dr. Martel has lectured for me and my clients several times and always brings great results. He has high energy, great clinical illustrations, and holds the attentions of the attendees very well. I have enjoyed working with Vic in the past, and I look forward to working with him in the future."


"Dr. Martel is "Best In Class" in multiple categories. As a clinician, he has the highest level of integrity and patient care. As a business professional, he is a subject matter expert and a great leader to his peers. I value Dr. Martel as a mentor, health care professional and friend." 


Bennett Napier

"I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Martel in a variety of capacities. Our primary work has been collaborative projects through the Florida Academy of Dentistry. As a strong advocate of continuing education in dentistry, Dr. Martel works nationally with some of the leading clinical experts in the dental field. Dr. Martel's passion for education is based on ensuring dental patients receive the highest caliber of care available. I would recommend Dr. Martel and the services available through his clinical practice to anyone. Bennett Napier, CAE"